The Bin Fadel Holding embarked on a journey of success in 1996 through the establishment of the Bin Fadel Ready Mix Company, which has become a leading company in the domain of ready mix concrete in the UAE. Another success story was born in 2008 when the Bin Fadel Holding introduced ALAS as a highly advanced Austrian ready-mix brand which was formed in 1959.

Bringing together 50 years of rich experience in the ready mix business, along with 11 high-standard locations based in the UAE, extraordinary chosen equipment and the best team of experts, we at ALAS Emirates Ready mix endeavor to do better than we have ever done before. As honesty and integrity are our guide in all we do, continuous improvement in our approach and respect for our community and environment is our focus. We are promising a constant growth, customer satisfaction and loyalty to achieve the vision of the UAE 2030.


To drive a sustainable development, paralleled with the correct business ethics in order to become the leading supplier of ready-mixed concrete in the UAE by exceeding expectations in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction.


With these brief expressing words, we at ALAS have chosen to mirror our mission as follows:

  • To provide our clients with a superior product through constant innovation and adaptation of technology, focusing on the growing demands in the quality of ready-mix with prestige and pride.
  • To be keen in creating a long-term relationship with our clients by providing excellent service at the best price.
  • To be reliable and flexible in terms of product and service delivery regardless of our clients’ project tenure and value.
  • To become completely mobile so we can serve our clients in their specific area of need.
Stronger Structure Stronger Bonds

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Eng. Petr Celis
Radim Lakomy
Ibrahim Levent
Abdul Sathar
Elie Touma
Gerald Njah
Hesham Mesbah
Hariharan Nair
Kaloyan Atanasov Popov
Omar David Dayrit
Muhammad Abbas Khan